5 Best Teas to Revitalize Yourself this Autumn Season

5 Best Teas to Revitalize Yourself this Autumn Season

5 Best Teas to Revitalize Yourself this Autumn Season

As the days become shorter and the nights cooler, the perfect time for a cup of hot tea! Enjoying a hot cup of tea is more than just a soothing comfort – it also has healing properties. Here are 5 teas you can enjoy this autumn season to revitalize yourself:

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a perfect pick me up for chilly Autumn days. With numerous health benefits, ginger tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to warm the soul and help to soothe any aches or pains you may have.

2. Chai Tea

Chai Tea is a diverse blend of spices that feature major health benefits. The combination of black tea, various spices, and milk makes for a highly antioxidant-rich beverage, perfect to help reduce inflammation and improve immunity.

3. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea is great for calming the mind while also helping with digestion and appetite suppression. Whether it’s a stressful day or a paranoid stomach, peppermint tea can help bring some relief.

4. Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the most widely consumed teas due to its abundant health benefits and delicious flavor. Green tea is known for its anti-oxidant properties, which help to reduce oxidative stress-induced damage and can even reduce the risk of certain cancers.

5. White Tea

White Tea is a lesser-known tea that is made from the buds of the tea plant. Not only is white tea a calming and enjoyable beverage, but it also has several health benefits such as helping to reduce inflammation, prevent premature aging and boost energy levels.

Take Time to Enjoy!

Autumn is the perfect season to enjoy warm, calming teas. Taking time to relax and brew a cup of your favorite tea can be not just enjoyable – but can provide several health benefits as well. Here are some tips for how to get the most out of your tea experience:

  • Brew your own tea: While store bought tea can help to save some time, it’s highly recommended to brew your own tea to get the most out of the flavorful herbs and spices.
  • Let your tea steep: Depending on the type of tea you’re drinking, you can let it steep for up to 5 minutes to acquire all the flavors and maximize the health benefits.
  • Don’t over-stir: Stirring too much can actually release bitter tannins into your tea, making it a less enjoyable experience.
  • Add your favorite flavors: Don’t be afraid to add a little honey or lemon juice to your tea – the added flavor can really bring out the best flavors of the tea.

So take some time this autumn season to treat yourself to a cup of your favorite tea to help revitalize yourself. Enjoy!


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