can babies have chamomile tea

can babies have chamomile tea

Can Babies Drink Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile tea has been enjoyed for centuries for its calming effects. But can babies have chamomile tea? The answer is yes, but with a few caveats.

Safety Measure

Chamomile tea is generally safe for babies, but should not be given to those under six months of age. It is also recommended to discuss it with a doctor before giving any herbal tea to a baby.


It is important to give the right dosage because too much chamomile tea can be harmful to a baby’s fragile system. A good rule of thumb is to give no more than one teaspoon of chamomile tea per day, mixed with water. The tea can also be given cold to avoid scalding.


Certain precautions should be taken when giving chamomile tea to a baby. It should never be given in concentrated form, and should be mixed with warm (not hot) water. Babies respond differently to herbal tea, so always monitor for any reactions. It is not recommended to give chamomile tea to babies with a known allergy to any other types of herbs or plants.


In conclusion, chamomile tea can be safely given to babies in small doses, as long as certain precautions are taken and you consult with a doctor. It can be a gentle, calming and natural sleep aide, which is beneficial in helping babies (and adults alike) sleep more soundly.

The following points should be considered when giving infants chamomile tea:

  • Babies under six months old should not consume chamomile tea.
  • A maximum of one teaspoon of chamomile tea should be given per day.
  • Do not give the tea in its concentrated form; always mix with warm water.
  • Monitor for any reactions.
  • Do not give to infants with known allergies.


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