can diabetics drink green tea

can diabetics drink green tea

Can Diabetics Drink Green Tea?

Green Tea has become popular because of its many health benefits, however one of the questions that many people have is, can Diabetics drink it?

The answer is yes, in moderation, Diabetics can drink Green Tea.

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea For Diabetics

Green Tea naturally contains a number of beneficial properties that can help aid the body in dealing with Diabetes.

Below are some of the potential benefits of drinking Green Tea:

  • Aids in weight control: Green Tea contains a number of compounds that can help increase metabolism, which in turn can aid in weight control.
  • Reduces Blood Sugar Levels: Studies have found that Green Tea can potentially help reduce blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for Diabetics.
  • Lower Risk of Heart Disease: Green Tea is known to contain high levels of antioxidants that can help lower the risk of heart disease, including high cholesterol and triglycerides.

Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Green Tea

Although drinking Green Tea can provide some health benefits, it is important to remember that it can also have some negative side effects if consumed in large amounts.

Some potential side effects could include nausea, constipation, increased heart rate, and insomnia.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that although Green Tea can provide a number of health benefits, it is important to drink it in moderation. If you are a Diabetic, it is important to consult with your doctor or healthcare provider to make sure that the benefits of drinking Green Tea outweigh any potential side effects.


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