can green tea lower blood sugar

can green tea lower blood sugar

Can Green Tea Lower Blood Sugar?

Green tea is one of the healthiest and most widely consumed beverages in the world. It has been linked to many potential health benefits, including weight loss and more recently, it has been suggested that it may have a role in managing blood sugar levels. However, can green tea really help to manage blood sugar?

The Science Behind Green Tea and Blood Sugar

Studies have shown that green tea may have a beneficial effect on blood sugar. Drinking green tea may result in a modest decrease in blood glucose levels. This is because green tea contains the polyphenol, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This has been shown to reduce the activity of enzymes responsible for breaking down carbohydrates. This reduces the rate at which carbohydrates are metabolized and can lead to a decrease in blood glucose levels.

Does Green Tea Reduce Blood Sugar?

Although green tea may have a modest effect on blood sugar levels, it is unlikely to have a significant effect on the level of glucose in the blood. It is also important to note that green tea should not be used as a substitute for medication or lifestyle changes for those with diabetes. In some cases, green tea may even interfere with the metabolism of medications used to manage diabetes, so it is important to consult your doctor before incorporating it into your diet.

The Benefits of Green Tea

While green tea may not have a significant impact on blood sugar, there are many other potential benefits associated with it. Some of the health benefits of green tea include:

  • Weight Loss: Studies have shown that EGCG in green tea can stimulate fat burning and help with weight loss.
  • Lower cholesterol: The polyphenols in green tea are thought to help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Antioxidant Shake: Green tea contains powerful antioxidants, which can reduce oxidative damage to cells in the body.
  • Mental Focus: Green tea contains caffeine, which can help to improve concentration and focus.


Green tea may have a mild effect on blood sugar levels, however it is unlikely to be a significant factor in managing diabetes. While there may be benefits to drinking green tea, it should not be used as a substitute for medication or lifestyle changes. Instead, it may be beneficial to incorporate green tea into a healthy diet in order to take advantage of some of the potential health benefits it offers.


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