can green tea upset your stomach

can green tea upset your stomach

Can Green Tea Upset Your Stomach?

Green tea is a popular health drink, but it also has some potential side effects. One of the most common side effects is an upset stomach, either caused by the natural acids found in green tea, or by consuming too much of it.

What Causes an Upset Stomach from Green Tea?

Green tea contains natural acids, like tannins, which can cause an upset stomach if consumed in large quantities. Green tea also contains caffeine, which can also be a cause of an upset stomach. Finally, overdrinking green tea can also lead to an upset stomach.

How to Avoid An Upset Stomach from Green Tea

There are a few steps that can help you avoid an upset stomach from green tea:

  • Limit your daily green tea intake to 2-3 cups.
  • Brew the tea at a lower temperature to reduce the amount of tannins.
  • Avoid consuming green tea on an empty stomach.
  • Stick to decaffeinated green tea if you are sensitive to caffeine.

While green tea can cause an upset stomach in some people, it is generally a safe and healthy drink. To avoid an upset stomach, it is important to keep your intake moderate and reduce the temperature of your brewing water.


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