can i drink hot tea after tooth extraction

can i drink hot tea after tooth extraction

Can You Drink Hot Tea After Tooth Extraction?

After tooth extraction, there are a few matters you should consider with regards to what food and drinks you should consume. Hot beverages like tea are normally acceptable, but it is wise to take some precautionary measures to reduce risk of complications.

Risks of Drinking Hot Tea After Tooth Extraction

The primary risk associated with drinking hot beverages like tea after a tooth extraction is that it can potentially increase swelling and discomfort in the area. Additionally, it can cause bleeding due to the vessels in the area being exposed and thus vulnerable to irritation from a hot beverage.

Tips For Safely Drinking Hot Tea After a Tooth Extraction

If you do decide to enjoy a hot cup of tea after your tooth extraction, here are a few tips you should follow:

  • Wait at least two days. You should wait at least two days before consuming any sort of hot beverage — this gives the area enough time to heal and reduce the risk of upsetting the healing process.
  • Use caution. When drinking, be sure to use caution to avoid burning the area or worsening discomfort. Take smaller sips and be sure the tea is lukewarm. Initially, going for an iced tea may be better.
  • Follow aftercare instructions. Ultimately, you should always follow your dentist’s instructions regarding aftercare. Your dentist will have the best idea of what specific treatment you should follow following your operation.

In conclusion, it is generally safe to drink hot tea after tooth extraction, but with caution. Before proceeding, it is always best to have a discussion with your dentist and follow their instructions closely.


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