can i drink sweet tea after tooth extraction

can i drink sweet tea after tooth extraction


Sweet Tea After a Tooth Extraction

It is understandable that you would like a refreshing drink after a tooth extraction, but it would be best to stay away from sweet tea during the recovery period. Although, it might seem like enjoying a cool and sweetened beverage can provide you with relief, tea can cause further problems with the extraction site and may hinder your recovery period.

Effects of Sweet Tea on the Healing Process

Sweet tea contains sugar and tannins, both of which can delay the healing process after a tooth extraction:

    • Sugar: Sugar can feed the bacteria in the mouth and cause an infection of the extraction site. This could delay the healing process and cause a lot of discomfort.


    • Tannins: Tea contains tannins, which are known to reduce the level of vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C is vital for building and repairing tissues in the body, including the gums surrounding the extracted area.


Healthy Alternatives to Sweet Tea

While it might be tempting to reach for sweet tea, there are a few healthy alternatives you can enjoy until the extraction site is fully healed:

    1. Water: Drinking plenty of water can help keep the extracted area clean and free of bacteria. Adding ice for a cool beverage can provide relief and refreshment.


    1. Saline rinse: A saline rinse can provide some relief from discomfort and prevent infection of the extraction site. It is very simple to make a saline rinse at home by mixing 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and 8 ounces of warm water.


    1. Herbal teas: Some herbal teas may be good to enjoy prior to the tooth extraction, as can help reduce inflammation and provide some relief.


Sweet tea might sound like an appealing drink to enjoy after a tooth extraction, however, it is best to play safe and avoid it until the extraction area is fully healed.


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