can iced tea cause kidney stones

can iced tea cause kidney stones

Can Iced Tea Cause Kidney Stones?

The average American drinks 30 gallons of iced tea a year, but did you know that can iced tea actually cause kidney stones?

What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are small, hard deposits that form within the kidneys. The stones are made of mineral and acid salts and usually look like, pebbles and they can become as large as a golf ball. While kidney stones are incredibly painful when they move from the kidneys and into the tube that connects the kidneys to the bladder, they aren’t lethal and generally pass on their own with a regular flow of urine.

Iced Tea and Kidney Stones

Iced tea isn’t just water and some flavorings. High amounts of oxalic acid can be found in iced tea which, is a compound that is commonly found in plants. According to the National Institute Of Health, high consumer of iced tea that contain high amounts of this acid have been suggested to have an accumulated risk of forming kidney stones.

How Can I Reduce The Risk of Kidney Stones?

Although some iced tea can cause kidney stones, that doesn’t mean you have to cut off all iced tea consumption! Here’s a few tips you can follow to reduce your risk:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Choose tea that has lower amounts of oxalic acid, such as white and green tea
  • Talk to your doctor about calcium supplements
  • Reduce your salt and sodium intake

It’s important to keep in mind that too much iced tea can cause symptoms of kidney stones. To reduce your risk you should always try to stick to a healthy lifestyle and stay within the recommended daily intake of iced tea.


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