can you buy tea bags with ebt

can you buy tea bags with ebt

Can You Buy Tea Bags with EBT?

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer and is a system that allows a person to receive, use and store government food benefits electronically. It is a form of a payment card and can be used to purchase certain items at participating retailers. Since this is a form of payment, you may be wondering if you can buy tea bags with EBT.

The Answer

Yes, you can buy tea bags with EBT at certain grocery and convenience stores. However, there are a few restrictions and stipulations which include:

  • You cannot purchase hot or iced tea with EBT.
  • The tea bags must be unopened.
  • The tea bags must be pre-packaged and contain a UPC barcode.
  • You cannot purchase tea bags with cash and EBT.

The money that is used when purchasing tea bags must come solely come from the EBT card and must not exceed the amount of money that is on the card and available to you.

The Benefits of Buying Tea with EBT

When you use your EBT card to buy tea, it helps you not only enjoy the benefits of tea, but it also allows you to stay within your budget. The type of tea bags you buy, along with the quantity can be managed by you thereby allowing you to keep control.

Where Can I Buy Tea with EBT?

To enjoy the convenience of buying tea bags with EBT, you will need to find a store that accepts EBT payments. The number of stores that accept EBT payments is growing, so it is best to check the website of each store as they may not all be accepted at all locations.

In conclusion, yes you can buy tea bags with EBT at certain stores. The restrictions and stipulations noted above are to ensure that the all EBT purchases are legitimate and within the guidelines.


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