can you drink tea after tooth extraction

can you drink tea after tooth extraction

Drinking Tea After Tooth Extraction: Is It Safe?

Having a tooth extracted can be a painful and stressful experience, and afterward, many people find themselves wondering what they can and cannot do. One common question is – is it safe to drink tea after tooth extraction?

The short answer is yes – as long as you are careful. Tea can help to comfort and soothe irritated gums after a tooth extraction, and it contains antioxidants which can help to speed up the healing process. However, if you do decide to drink tea after tooth extraction, you should make sure to:

Take It Easy

  • Wait 24 hours after the extraction before drinking tea.
  • Sip the tea gently, avoiding using a straw or swishing the tea around your mouth.
  • Serve the tea at a lukewarm temperature – not overly hot.
  • Cut back on caffeine.

Add Milk and Honey

Adding a dash of milk and some honey to your tea can help to further soothe and heal your gums, as well as add some welcome sweetness and flavor. Not to mention, antioxidants found in the tea can help to reduce inflammation and fight infection.

Avoid Certain Teas

When it comes to tea after a tooth extraction, not all teas are created equal. Some types of tea – particularly those with a higher acidity – can hurt your gums, so you should:

  • Avoid black tea and green tea.
  • Stick to herbal teas and white tea.

In conclusion, drinking tea after tooth extraction is possible – but it is important to make sure you exercise caution to make sure your teeth and gums heal properly. If you have any concerns about drinking tea after extraction, you should be sure to ask your dentist for advice.


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