can you make tea in a coffee maker

can you make tea in a coffee maker

Can You Make Tea in a Coffee Maker?

Making tea can be done in many ways, from mastering the traditional Japanese method of steeping loose tea in hot water to press-pot brewing. But can you make tea in a coffee maker?

Although coffee makers are made to brew coffee, many of these machines also have the capability to brew other types of beverages, including tea. Whether the tea is loose or in a tea bag, the process of making tea with a coffee maker is close to the same. And, since the device is designed to regulate the temperature of the water and correctly brew coffee, the process usually results in good-tasting tea.

How to Make Tea in a Coffee Maker

  • Fill the Water Reservoir: Fill the water reservoir with the desired amount of hot water.
  • Add Your Tea: Add the correct amount of loose tea or tea bags to the brewing chamber.
  • Place the Carafe: Place the carafe, then turn the switch to “On”.
  • Steam Away: Wait for your perfect cup of tea to fill the carafe.
  • Enjoy!: Switch off the machine, then enjoy your brewed cup of tea.

Keep in mind that some regular machines cannot make tea and that the majority of newer machines equipped with the function will likely have their own tea setting. In most cases, you can select the brewing cycle that fits the kind of tea you are making.


Making tea in a coffee machine is definitely doable. Whether you prefer your green tea light or your black tea strong, this device is sure to give you a tasty and well-brewed cup.


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