can you make tea in a french press

can you make tea in a french press

Can You Make Tea With a French Press?

Making a tasty and robust cup of tea can be easy with a French press. While using a French press for tea is not as commonplace as it is for making coffee, it is certainly possible and becoming more popular. While the French press method may take some getting used to, it can make a tasty cup of tea in a few easy steps.


  • Boil 1 cup (237ml) of water. Let the water cool for about 30 seconds after boiling.
  • Put one teaspoon of loose-leaf tea into the French press. The amount of tea you use depends on the type of tea and the desired taste.
  • Pour the hot water into the French press and stir the tea leaves with a spoon or use a spoon or whisk to aerate.
  • Place the plunger in the French press, making sure that it is pushed down slightly.
  • Wait 4-5 minutes for the tea to steep.
  • Press the plunger down slowly, making sure not to let the tea leaves escape.
  • Pour your tea into a cup. Add milk, honey, or your favorite sweetener as desired.

Benefits of Using a French Press for Tea:

  • Simple – The process is quick and easy once you know the steps.
  • Flavorful – When done correctly, it can make a flavorful and robust cup of tea.
  • Eco-Friendly – There is no use of paper filters or disposable tea bags.

Making tea with a French press can be a new way to experience your favorite tea. With easy steps, a French press can bring out all the flavor of the tea and is an eco-friendly way to make a cup of tea.


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