can you put used tea bags in your garden

can you put used tea bags in your garden

Putting Used Tea Bags in your Garden

Gardens are a wonderful source of relaxation, activity, and beauty. If you’re a tea lovers, you can also incorporate your favourite beverage into your gardening routine! Used (dry) tea bags, said to be wonderful for plant growth, can be a great addition to your garden.


Adding used tea bags to your garden can have many wonderful benefits:

  • Composting: Used tea bags can easily be tucked away into a compost bin and when they’re added to the compost, they’ll break down much faster than coffee grounds or other organic material – releasing nutrients into the soil.
  • Fertiliser: When the tea bags have broken down in the compost bin, you can add it to the soil, creating a natural fertiliser. The nitrogen in the tea helps boosts plant growth and adds a wonderful aroma to your garden.
  • Plant life: Putting used tea bags among your plants not only fertilises the soil but creates a safe, moist environment that cuts down on stress. The tea bags help improve soil structure and keep the moisture locked in around the plants.

How to Add Used Tea Bags to Your Garden

Adding used tea bags to your garden is for all the tea lovers out there! Here’s how to do it:

  • Wait until your tea bags are completely dry before adding them to the garden.
  • Tear the bag open and sprinkle the contents around the base of the plants.
  • Add them to your compost bin.
  • Mix the dead tea leaves with the potting mix for use in your garden afterwards.


If you love tea as much as your plants, you can use used tea bags to give your garden a wonderful boost! Taking the time to add these tea bags in your garden will help fertilise the soil and provide your plants with a moisture-rich environment.


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