can you put weed in tea

can you put weed in tea

Can You Put Weed In Tea?

Have you ever wondered if you can infuse cannabis into tea? You certainly can – and the result is a mellow and enjoyable infusion.

What Is Cannabis Tea?

Cannabis-infused tea, often referred to as marijuana tea, is made by infusing ground cannabis buds (or a cannabis extract like tincture or oil) into hot tea. The result is a hot drink that, when consumed, delivers both the desired effects of cannabis, as well as the beneficial properties of the tea.

Benefits of Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea has a few unique benefits compared to other forms of cannabis consumption. For example:

  • Mellow and Mild High: Cannabis tea delivers a mild and mellow high, which is often ideal for those who wish to relax without the intensity of other forms of cannabis consumption.
  • Easy To Make: Cannabis tea is incredibly easy to make – all that’s required is some ground cannabis or an appropriate cannabis oil/tincture, hot tea, and a few simple kitchen items.
  • Long Lasting: The effects of cannabis tea are also known to last for a surprisingly long period of time. This makes it a great option for more extended relaxation and relief.

Steps To Make Cannabis Tea

Making cannabis tea is quite easy, and involves the following steps:

  • Gather the necessary ingredients (listed below).
  • Mix your cannabis and tea with the desired ratio.
  • Discard the leaves, then bring the tea to a low boil.
  • Allow the mixture to steep for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Strain the mixture into a cup, then add honey/lemon or other flavoring (optional).
  • Enjoy your cannabis tea!

Ingredients & Supplies

Making cannabis tea requires the following ingredients and supplies:

  • Tea leaves
  • Cannabis: You can choose to use ground cannabis buds, or an appropriate cannabis extract like oil or tincture.
  • Butter/Coconut Oil/Olive Oil – this helps extract the cannabinoids from the cannabis and into the tea.
  • Honey/Milk/Lemon – adds flavor to the tea (optional).
  • Strainer – for straining the tea before consuming.


Cannabis tea is a unique form of cannabis consumption that offers many benefits. It is easy to make, delivers a mild and enjoyable high, and can last for a surprisingly long period of time. Give it a try and find out if cannabis tea is right for you.


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