can you take the teas test online at home

can you take the teas test online at home

Can You Take the TEAS Test Online At Home?

The TEAS test is an important prerequisite to entrance into a health sciences program. It is designed to assess students’ mastery of key academic concepts in researching, mathematics, science and English/language/reading. Before you can take the test, there are several things to consider regarding taking the test at home.

Are There Online TEAS Tests?

Yes, there are online TEAS tests. However, this is not the same as taking the test at home. Online tests are administered and monitored by educational institutions that have partnered with the testing center. The school typically will have specific instructions for taking the test and may even require a proctor.

What Are the Pros for Taking the TEAS Test Online?

  • Convenience: You can take the test at your own pace without needing to leave your home
  • Reduced stress: Not having to travel to a testing center eliminates the pressure to meet a specific time
  • Accommodations: If you need accommodations during the test, they can typically be taken online as well

What Are the Cons for Taking the TEAS Test Online?

  • Technical issues: You must ensure you have consistent and reliable internet service during the exam
  • Potential for cheating: Without proper monitoring, there is the potential for cheating on the test
  • Limited space: Some schools have limited seating for online tests or a wait list if they do offer them

Taking the TEAS test online is an option but schools usually have specific requirements surrounding online TEAS tests. Make sure to review the school’s policies before taking the test so you understand what is expected of you and if they have any special accommodations available.


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