can you use tea tree oil in your mouth

can you use tea tree oil in your mouth

Can you Use Tea Tree Oil in Your Mouth?

Tea Tree oil is a powerful natural antibiotic with antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s often used in a variety of skin and hair products, but can you use it in your mouth?

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, which is native to Australia. It’s composed of compounds called terpenes, which have antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Can Tea Tree Oil be Used in Your Mouth?

Tea tree oil can be used in your mouth in many different ways. Here are the three most common:

  • Directly putting a few drops of it on a cotton swab and swishing it around your mouth.
  • Adding a few drops to water, then to rinse your mouth out with it
  • Adding a few drops to toothpaste and brush normally

Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil in Your Mouth

Tea Tree oil can be used to help reduce bad breath, prevent gum disease, and even help with mouth ulcers and canker sores. It can also help to kill bacteria and fungi in your mouth, which can reduce plaque and prevent cavities.

Are There Any Risks?

It’s important to note that since Tea Tree oil is very strong and potent, it’s important not to overuse it. Also, it should never be swallowed or ingested. Also, since it’s a natural product, it’s best to consult with your doctor or dentist before using it in your mouth.

In conclusion, Tea Tree oil can be a great natural remedy for many oral health issues, but it should be used in moderation and with the proper precautions.


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