can you use tea tree oil on dogs

can you use tea tree oil on dogs

Can You Use Tea Tree Oil On Dogs?

Tea tree oil is a natural, antiseptic product derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant in Australia. Many pet parents turn to this oil as an alternative to chemical-based flea and tick control products. But, can you use tea tree oil on dogs?

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Dogs

Tea tree oil has been known to have many health benefits for both people and pets. Here are some known benefits of using tea tree oil on dogs:

  • Fights skin conditions: Tea tree oil can help fight against skin infections and irritations, including fungal and bacterial infections and dermatitis.
  • Less harsh than topical treatments: Natural treatments like tea tree oil are usually less abrasive for pups than traditional chemical-based treatments.
  • Non-toxic: Tea tree oil is considered non-toxic to both people and pets.

Dosage & Use

Although there are many benefits to using tea tree oil on dogs, pet parents must be careful when using any natural product. The key for pet parents is knowing how to properly use and apply it. This guide should help you get started:

  • Consult with your vet: All pet parents should consult with their vet before using any natural product on their pup, including tea tree oil. Your vet can tell to you the ideal dosage, so your pup can benefit safely from the oil.
  • Use the correct mixture: To use tea tree oil on your pup, you must mix 1 part oil with 30 parts water. A ratio of 1:30 will help ensure that you are not diluting the oil too much and that it will be safe and effective for your pup.
  • Keep application topical: Tea tree oil can only be used topically, and should never be digested.

Final Thoughts

Tea tree oil can be a great natural remedy to provide your pup with relief from minor skin infections. Just remember to consult with your vet first, use the correct dilution ratio and always apply topically.


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