Halmari gold Oolong Tea, the very best selections for you!

Halmari gold Oolong Tea, the very best selections for you!

Halmari Gold Oolong Tea-The Best Selection

Halmari Gold Oolong Tea is the premium choice for true tea lovers. The tea crafted in the pristine gardens of Halmari, the largest tea garden of India offers each sip of Oolong Tea as a celebration of freshness.

Unparalleled Quality & Taste

The oolong tea of Halmari is famous for its incomparable taste and quality. Oolong tea consists of leaves that are semi-fermented and grown under renewable sustainable practices and this bestows upon Halmari the gifts of uniqueness and exclusivity and preserve the natural resources.

Health Benefits

Halmari Gold Oolong Tea is incredibly beneficial for the health of the consumers. It contains flavonoids and polyphenols that have immensely beneficial properties. The tea helps in reducing cholesterol, promoting weight loss and boosting the metabolism.


  • The tea leaves of Halmari Gold Oolong Tea infuse multiple times, providing different flavours and aromas with each cup.
  • The cultivars used in the making of Halmari Oolong Tea are renowned to be of topmost grade.
  • The tea leaves are only handpicked and manually rolled, ensuring that only the cream of the crop is marketed.
  • This best selections of Oolong Tea from Halmari does not contain any additives or preservatives, ensuring purity.

Halmari Gold Oolong Tea, the very best selections for you, is a combination of exquisite taste, nutritional elements and health benefits, all packed in one delight to fulfill every tea-lover’s dream.


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