how did here for the tea die

how did here for the tea die

How Did Here for the Tea Die

Here For the Tea was a popular YouTube channel that gained prominence in early 2017. The channel primarily focused on drama, exposing the secrets of its subscribers through humorous, yet shocking, stories. It quickly gained a large following, but just as quickly, it also died.

History of Here For the Tea

Here For the Tea was created in January 2017 by Blaire White, a transgender YouTuber. She posted dramatized videos covering controversial topics. It became popular quickly due to its shocking videos. People quickly associated the channel with juicy gossip and drama filled content.

The Downfall

Here For the Tea eventually got too big for its own good. Blaire White’s overly-dramatic videos made her a target for other YouTubers and trolls. She also started to receive a lot of hate for her views and for using words like tr*nnies and slurs to describe other YouTubers.

The End

In late 2017, Blaire White announced that she was taking a break from YouTube. Here For the Tea gradually stopped posting videos and its subscriber count dropped quickly. By early 2018, the channel was inactive.


It was never confirmed why Here For the Tea died, but the best guess is that it was due to the large amount of hate and toxicity that was aimed at Blaire White. The channel was a victim of its own success as it quickly gained notoriety, but also gained a large amount of negative attention as well. Even though Here For the Tea has died, its legacy still lives on and its videos can still be found online.


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