how did the colonists react to the tea act

how did the colonists react to the tea act

Colonists’ Reaction to the Tea Act

The Tea Act of 1773 sparked outrage amongst the colonists in the American colonies and triggered a number of reactions against it. Read on to find out more about the ways in which the colonists responded to the Tea Act.

1. Boston Tea Party

The most famous response to the Tea Act was the Boston Tea Party. On December 16th, 1773, a group of colonists, known as the Sons of Liberty, boarded three British ships that were docked in the harbor and threw 45 tons of tea into the water. This was done in protest of the taxation imposed by the Tea Act.

2. Boycott of Tea

In addition to the Boston Tea Party, the colonists also organized boycotts of any tea associated with the Tea Act. This meant that they would not buy any tea from British merchants, which put economic strain on those merchants.

3. Protests

The colonists also used protests to express their anger about the Tea Act. In various cities across the colonies, groups of people would gather and march in protest of the Tea Act and its associated taxes.

4. Political Pressure

The colonists also put pressure on the British government by writing letters and petitions. They demanded that the Act be repealed and called on the government to recognize their rights as citizens of the British Empire.

5. Smuggling

The colonists also responded to the Tea Act by engaging in smuggling. This was done in order to bring in tea from foreign countries and avoid the taxes imposed by the Tea Act.


The colonists reacted to the Tea Act in many ways, from organizing boycotts and protests to engaging in smuggling. These reactions were key in sparking the beginning of the American Revolution and led to the eventual independence of the United States.


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