how hot should water be for tea

how hot should water be for tea

How Hot Should Water Be For Tea?

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is a balancing act that requires considerable
care and attention. Temperatures for tea brewing can vary greatly, depending on
the kind of tea and personal preference. Understanding how hot to make the water
for tea is key to avoiding a bitter and unpleasant cup.

Factors That Affect Tea Temperature Choice

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right temperature for
your tea, including:

  • Type of Tea – Different teas steep at different
    temperatures. For example, green tea typically steeps at around 170 degrees
    while white teas like Silver Needle or White Peony are typically brewed at lower
    temperatures of 160-170 degrees.
  • Personal Preference – Knowing the right temperature for
    your tea is key, but brewing slightly hotter or cooler may result in different
    tastes. If you like the results of using a temperature different than the
    “standard” recommendation, go for it!

Making Tea at the Right Temperature

Brewing the perfect cup of tea involves water that is the right temperature.
Water temperature for tea is largely determined by the tea you’re brewing and
personal preference. Generally, here are some “typical” temperatures for certain

  • Green Teas – 170-185 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Black Teas – 195-212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • White Teas – 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Herbal Teas – Just-Off-Boiling
  • Cold Brewed Teas – Cold tap water

Remember too, that it’s really up to you and your personal preferences. For
example, if you prefer a stronger-tasting black tea, use boiling water to get the
full extraction of taste. If you prefer a lighter cup of green tea, you may
reduce the temperature to around 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit. As you experiment,
you might find that the perfect cup of tea is within reach. Enjoy!


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