how is arizona tea so cheap

how is arizona tea so cheap

How is Arizona Tea So Cheap?

When it comes to drinks, everyone loves a good bargain. Arizona Tea has been one of the most popular drinks available on the market for decades, and one of the biggest reasons people buy it is because of the low cost. But how is it so cheap?

Manufacturing Process

Arizona Tea is made in high-volume factories. This allows the price to stay low and makes it more cost-effective for the company to mass-produce the beverage. With larger production runs, the company has more control over the pricing, since they are able to cut costs as needed.

Minimal Packaging

Arizona Tea is sold in cans and bottles which require minimal packaging. The company does not have to spend money on creating flashy wrappers and large discounts do not need to be offered. This helps the company keep the price low for consumers.

Discount Programs

Arizona Tea offers discount programs for people who purchase in bulk, at grocery stores and other stores that carry the product. This can save a consumer a lot of money and helps the company sell more product.

Low Ingredients Cost

Arizona Tea uses simple ingredients that do not cost much. This helps the company keep their costs low, which keeps the consumer’s cost low as well.


Arizona Tea is one of the most popular drinks on the market because of its low cost. The company has been able to keep the cost low by utilizing a high-volume manufacturing process, minimal packaging, discount programs, and low ingredients cost. All of these things help the company keep the cost at an affordable rate for the consumer.


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