how is green tea made

how is green tea made

How Is Green Tea Made?

Green tea is a widely enjoyed beverage around the world. It has many benefits to your health and it also has a unique flavour. But have you ever thought about how this special beverage is made? Here’s a guide to making green tea.

Steaming with Hot Water

The first step of making the tea is the steaming process. This process locks in all the essential oils and flavour of the tea. To do this you boil water and pour it over the tea leaves. The leaves are then placed in a steamer and steamed over the hot water.

Rolling the Leaves

The next step is to roll the leaves in order to give them more of an aroma. The rolling process also helps to break down the cell walls, helping to release more of the flavor and aroma into the tea. Rolling the leaves unfurls them and gives them a unique shape.

Drying the Tea Leaves

Once the leaves have been steamed and rolled, it’s time to dry them. By drying the leaves, the tea is given a longer shelf life and it also helps to give the tea its distinctive flavour.

Finally – Enjoying Your Cup of Green Tea

Once the leaves have been steamed, rolled and dried, the green tea is ready to be enjoyed. You can choose how long you steep your tea before drinking, depending on your taste preferences. There are many different ways to enjoy your cup of green tea. You can add sugar and honey, spices or even fruit to give the tea an extra flavour.


To sum up, making green tea is a simple yet effective process with three easy steps.

  • Steaming with Hot Water: Boiling water is used to pour over the tea leaves, which are then steamed over hot water.
  • Rolling the Leaves: Rolling the leaves releases their unique aroma and flavour.
  • Drying the Tea Leaves: This locking in the flavour and aroma, as well as giving the tea a longer shelf life.

Making green tea is an easy and enjoyable process and a perfect way to start off your day. Enjoy your cup of tea and don’t forget to savour its unique flavour!


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