how long can you keep tea bags

how long can you keep tea bags

How Long Can You Keep Tea Bags?

Tea bags are convenient and easy to use. But the tea bag itself doesn’t last forever. You should take into account a few key points when looking at how long you can keep your tea bags and get the best flavor.

Expiration Date

When you buy a package of tea bags, it usually comes with a best before or expiration date. This date is a good indication of how long you can keep your tea bag for. Most tea bags can be kept for up to two years after the date mentioned on the package.

Avoid Humidity

Tea bags are sensitive to moisture and can become moldy if left in high humidity. It’s best to keep them in a cool, dry place. In places where humidity is high, you may have to replace your tea bags more often to make sure they don’t lose their flavor.

Other Considerations

Other considerations when it comes to the shelf life of tea bags include:

  • Storage: When storing tea bags, make sure to keep them lid closed when not in use.
  • Time: Star anise, chamomile, and cinnamon tea bags tend to last longer than green and white teas.
  • Reuse: Tea bags should not be reused. The flavor and aroma becomes weaker when reused and can quickly become stale.

In summary, tea bags generally have a long shelf life. But you should pay attention to expiration dates, store in dry places and not reuse them to get the best flavor and aroma.


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