how long can you leave tea out

how long can you leave tea out

How Long Can You Leave Tea Out?

It is no secret that tea is one of the most refreshing and beloved beverages around the world. Aside from the great taste, one of the best thing about tea is its simplicity and convenience – a few seconds of boiling water and a little bit of patience is all you need! But, how long can you leave tea out?

Factors to Consider

The amount of time you can safely leave your tea out depends on a few factors.

  • Temperature: Tea left at room temperature is likely to be safe for up to eight hours.
  • Type of Tea: Certain types of tea are more susceptible to bacteria than others. Green tea, for example, should not be left out for too long.
  • Light: Tea that is exposed to light can easily become spoiled.

The Bottom Line

In summary, it is best to consume your tea within a few hours of making it. Taking extra precautionary steps, such as keeping your tea in the refrigerator, can help maintain its freshness for longer. When it doubt, it is better to be safe than sorry and discard leftover tea that has been sitting out for too long.


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