how long do you leave sun tea out

how long do you leave sun tea out

Brewing Sun Tea: How Long You Should Leave it Out?

Sun tea is an easy way to brew delicious tea without the use of an electric tea kettle. But it does pose a unique challenge that other tea brewing methods don’t – you aren’t able to monitor the temperature of the brewing tea like you can with an electric kettle. So, how long should you leave your sun tea out?

How Long Does Sun Tea Need?

You should typically leave sun tea out for the same amount of time you’d brew tea in other ways, usually 3-5 minutes. Since sun tea isn’t heated, and is instead brewed slowly at a lower temperature, it needs a bit more time to brew.

Brew Time Differences

The amount of time you leave your sun tea out will vary depending on a few variables:

  • Type of Tea – green tea, for instance, should be removed from heat or out from the sun sooner than black tea
  • Tea Strength – brewing weaker tea will require less time
  • Weather – warm weather requires shorter brewing time

Safety First

Hot sun tea can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so if you plan on leaving your tea out for an extended time, be sure to store it in the refrigerator. Bacteria that typically build up in these conditions won’t be killed off until the tea reaches 165°F, which is well above the temperature of the sun – so keep an eye on the clock so you can enjoy your tea safely.

With a few simple tips, you can brew delicious sun tea any time you want. Just remember to keep an eye on the clock and to store your tea in the refrigerator if it’s out too long. Enjoy!


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