how long does coca leaf tea stay in your system

how long does coca leaf tea stay in your system

How Long Does Coca Leaf Tea Stay in Your System?

Coca leaf tea is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to caffeinated beverages due to its energizing effects and lack of adverse reactions with other medications.

Most people choose to drink coca leaf tea for its natural energizing properties produced by the compound, benzoylmethylecgonine. But how long does coca leaf tea stay in your system?

Duration of Effects:

The effects of coca leaf tea can last up to three hours. However, the actual amount of time it takes for the effects to leave your system will depend on your personal metabolism.

Detection Times:

The compounds in coca leaf tea are water soluble and will leave the body through the urinary tract in drink form. Detection times vary depending on testing method and individual factors such as metabolism and concentration levels of the compounds in the tea.


Although coca leaf tea is an enjoyable and energizing drink, it is not recommended for people with health conditions like high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, or glaucoma.


Coca leaf tea has been used in indigenous cultures for centuries, and its modernized use is growing in popularity. While coca leaf tea can produce energizing effects, it is important to consider how long it stays in your system and the potential risks associated with consuming it.

Furthermore, always check with your medical provider prior to consuming coca leaf tea if you have existing health conditions.

In Conclusion: The duration of effects from coca leaf tea can last up to three hours and the detection times vary depending on individual factors and testing methods. It is important to caution those with existing health conditions against using coca leaf tea.


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