how long does sun tea last

how long does sun tea last

How Long Does Sun Tea Last?

Brewing a simple cup of sun tea is an easy and natural way to make a refreshing drink. But while it is a fairly simple process, there are still certain steps you should take to make sure your tea is safe and lasts as long as it can.

Store Prepared Sun Tea Properly

The most important factor to consider when trying to maximize the lifespan of your sun tea is storing it in the right way. To get the most out of your sun tea, you should make sure it is stored:

  • Away from direct sunlight
  • Sealed tightly
  • In a cool, dark place

When stored correctly, sun tea should last up to two to three days. However, if you keep your tea in direct sunlight or in an area with significant temperature fluctuations, it will only last for one day.

Check For Visible Signs of Spoilage

Before you decide to drink your sun tea, it is vital to pay attention to any signs of spoilage. It is best to discard sun tea that has any of the following characteristics:

  • Cloudy or murky color
  • Foul odor
  • Floating particles in the tea

Once you detect any of these signs, discard the tea immediately. In general, it is not recommended to risk consuming sun tea that has been stored for more than three days.


Using either traditional methods or sun tea, freshly brewed tea is always the best choice. As long as you remember to store your sun tea properly and check it regularly for any signs of spoilage, you can make sure your sun tea lasts as long as possible.


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