how long has ice tea been on law and order

how long has ice tea been on law and order

History of Ice Tea on Law & Order

Ice tea has been a popular summer beverage since early 20th century, but the iconic refreshment has been featured on the popular television series Law & Order since 1990. This unique and historic collaboration between Law & Order and ice tea is still enjoyed by fans around the world today.

Law & Order 1990 Season

In 1990, ice tea made its debut on Law & Order. The show incorporated the beverage into its extended universe when Detective Lennie Brisco (Chris Noth) ordered an iced tea to calm his nerves while awaiting the results of the DNA test. This was the first time viewers had seen a police officer order a cold drink, and it created an interesting juxtaposition between the serious and chaotic events taking place on the crime show.

Ice Tea Through the Years

Since 1990, Ice tea has become a staple of Law & Order. The characters often enjoy a iced tea break when the action on the show gets intense. In the Law & Order universe, nothing can calm and relax the characters quite like a good glass of iced tea.

Impact on the Series

The presence of ice tea on Law & Order has had a lasting impact on the show’s characters and its fans. People have come to associate iced tea with law and order and many even refer to iced tea as “Law & Order juice”. It’s not unusual to see characters drinking iced tea even when they are away from the station.


Ice tea’s run on Law & Order has been long and rich. The iconic beverage is the perfect accompaniment to the show’s intense and chaotic environment, and its use on the show has led to an interesting association with law and order. To this day, fans of the show continue to enjoy the unique relationship between ice tea and Law & Order.


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