how long is sweet tea good for

how long is sweet tea good for

How Long is Sweet Tea Good For?

Nowadays, sweet tea is a popular beverage choice in many countries. Whether it’s served hot or cold, sweet tea is a delicious and flavorful drink. However, many people are unaware of how long sweet tea really lasts after it’s brewed. Knowing when to toss an old pot of tea could help keep your tea fresh and delicious for longer.

How Long is Sweet Tea Fresh?

Sweet tea has a shelf life of about 4 – 5 days when refrigerated. You may want to pour sweet tea into bottles or a pitcher for longer storage. Leaving it in a container in the refrigerator will help keep it fresh. If the sweet tea is made with bottled or filtered water, the recommended shelf-life is slightly less (about 2 to 3 days).

Tips For Storing Sweet Tea

If you’re making a large batch of tea that you don’t plan to consume right away, here are a few tips to keep your sweet tea as fresh as possible:

  • Only make as much tea as you need: This will avoid any wastage.
  • Add lemons or limes: This will add more flavor to your tea and help retain the freshness.
  • Don’t leave it on the countertop: Store it in the refrigerator to avoid any oxidation of the tea.
  • Don’t add extra sugar: If you add too much sugar, your tea will go bad more quickly.

When to Throw Out Sweet Tea?

Once the sweet tea is no longer fresh, it’s best to throw it out. Sweet tea can become rancid or sour and tasting it is the best way to know if it has gone bad. Look out for a change in smell and taste as well as any discoloration. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to get rid of your old pot of tea.

Overall, sweet tea is a refreshing and delicious drink to enjoy and makes a great accompaniment to any meal. Knowing when to discard an old pot of tea can help you get the most out of your sweet tea and keep it tasting fresh.


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