how long to brew oolong tea

how long to brew oolong tea

Brewing Perfect Oolong Tea

Whether you want to brew the perfect cup of mild jasmine oolong tea or dark Qingxin oolong, it is essential to follow the right technique to maximize the flavor potential of these teas. Oolong tea typically requires a longer brewing time that other types of tea.

How Long to Brew Oolong Tea

Depending on the desired taste, oolong teas should generally be brewed between 3 and 4 minutes. Here are few tips on how to brew the perfect oolong tea:

  • Always use fresh, cold water: Be sure to use filtered water when brewing oolong tea. Hard water will make for a less flavorful and more bitter cup than if you use soft water.
  • Re-steeping: Oolong tea can be steeped multiple times. Brew tea for 30 seconds the first time, then re-steep the tea leaves for next 20-30 seconds or according to taste. Each time you increase the steep time.
  • Use right temperature: It important to use the right temperature of water when brewing oolong tea. If the water is too hot, you will get a bitter taste; too cold, and you will not extract the full flavor of the tea.
  • Use correct quantity of tea: Too much tea will cause your cup to be overly strong and bitter. When brewing teas such as oolong, it is best to use about two teaspoons of tea per 10 to 12 ounces of water.

Brewing Times for Different Types of Oolong Tea

  • Light Roast Oolong – 3 minutes
  • Medium Roast Oolong – 3 minutes
  • Heavy Roast Oolong – 4 minutes
  • Gan Bei Iron Goddess Oolong – 4 minutes
  • Jin Shan Oolong – 4 minutes

Brewing oolong tea is simple and doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need is water, tea leaves and a timer. Once you have selected your tea, follow the tips on how to brew perfect oolong tea and enjoy!


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