how long to steep a tea bag

how long to steep a tea bag

Steeping The Perfect Cup of Tea

To get the perfect cup of tea, timing is key. Here are some tips on how long to steep your tea bag.

Amount of Time

  • Green Tea: Generally, 2-3 minutes of steeping time is enough for green tea.
  • Black Tea: For black tea, 4 minutes of steeping time is recommended.
  • Herbal and Decaf Tea: 5 minutes of steeping time.

Temperature of Water

The temperature of the water is important for steep times as well.

  • Green Tea: Around 175 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Black Tea: Around 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Herbal and Decaf Tea: Around 208 degrees Fahrenheit.

Increasing Steep Times

If a stronger cup of tea is desired, you can increase the steep time. Green and black teas should not be steeped for any longer than 5 minutes, as they may become bitter.


So you know the type of tea and the temperature of water needed for your tea, it’s time to steep! Keep in mind these general guidelines for the perfect cup of tea: 2-3 minutes for green tea, 4 minutes for black tea, and 5 minutes for herbal and decaf tea. As for temperature, green tea needs 175 degrees Fahrenheit, black tea needs 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and herbal and decaf tea needs 208 degrees Fahrenheit. Happy steeping!


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