how long to steep herbal tea

how long to steep herbal tea

How Long to Steep Herbal Tea

The perfect cup of herbal tea depends upon different factors and making sure to steep it for the right length of time is an important one. Different varieties of herbal tea require different steeping times, but in general, here are some guidelines for herbal teas.

Light Herbs

Light herbs such as peppermint, chamomile, lemon balm, and rose hips require a shorter steeping time. Steep these varieties for no more than 5 minutes in 170-180 degree Fahrenheit water.

Medium Herbs

Herbs such as nettle, red clover, and red raspberry may require a slightly longer steeping time. Steep these varieties for 5-7 minutes in 180- to 200-degree Fahrenheit water.

Full-Flavored Herbs

Full-flavored herbs such as ginger, ginseng, and hibiscus should steep for the longest amount of time recommended for herbal teas. Steep these varieties for 7-10 minutes in 200- to 212-degree Fahrenheit water.

Important Tips

  • Start with cold water: Always start with cold water for the best cup of herbal tea.
  • Preheat cups: Preheating your tea cups with a bit of hot water prior to steeping herbal tea will keep the water from cooling off quickly after you add the herbal tea.
  • Don’t push the limit: Longer steeping times do not equate to more flavor. Over-steeping your herbal tea will make it bitter, so it’s important to keep to the recommended steep time.

Once you know the right steeping time for your herbal tea and follow the right steps, you’ll have the perfect cup of herbal tea every time!


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