how long to steep tea bags for iced tea

how long to steep tea bags for iced tea

How Long To Steep Tea Bags for Iced Tea

Making iced tea is a popular summertime activity. Knowing how long to steep your tea bags for iced tea will help ensure that you make a quality beverage.

Considerations For Steeping Time

Steeping time depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Type of Tea
  • Type of Water
  • Room Temperature

For most iced tea recipes, the goal is to create a full-bodied flavor. To get the best flavor and aroma from your tea bags, follow these basic guidelines:

Black Tea

When making black iced tea, the most common brewing time is 3-6 minutes. This will produce a rich, full-bodied flavor. Be sure to use hot water – at least 190 degrees Fahrenheit – for optimal flavor.

Green Tea

Green tea is best steeped for a shorter period of time – 1-3 minutes. Green tea is more delicate than black tea and should not be over-steeped. You should also allow the tea to cool before serving.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea should be steeped far longer than black or green tea – 8-10 minutes or longer. Herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free and tends to have a lighter flavor. Too much steeping can make herbal tea taste bitter.


No matter what type of tea you’re using, steeping time is essential for a great cup of iced tea. Be sure to use the correct temperature of water and the appropriate amount of time for each type of tea. With proper brewing, you can ensure that your iced tea is the perfect summertime refreshment.


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