how many calories are in a boba tea

how many calories are in a boba tea

Calorific Content of Bubble Tea (Boba Tea)

Bubble Tea (also known as Boba Tea) can be a delightful treat but with any sweet tooth craving comes the worry of how many calories it contains. Well here’s a run down of the approximate calorific content of this drink..

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is the name given to the fruity, creamy and often sweetened iced teas which contain small tapioca balls known as “Boba”. This type of tea is commonly found in Asian tea houses and is popular amongst younger age groups.

Calorific Content

Bubble Tea can vary from 155 cal to around 300 cal per cup, depending on the size of the cup, the recipe and the sweetness of the tea.

Portion sizes of Bubble Tea typically range between 12 oz. (355ml) and 16 oz. (475ml) and the calorific content can vary depending on the size of the cup.

  • 12 oz. (355 ml) – 155 cal to 300 cal
  • 16 oz. (475 ml) – 202 cal to 370 cal

Calorie Breakdown

The calorific content of Bubble Tea is often broken down into the following key components:

  • Crushed Ice: 10 cal
  • Tapioca Pearls: 50 cal
  • Tea Base: 60 cal
  • Optional Milk: 40 cal
  • Sugar Syrup: 30 cal

Additionally, some Bubble Tea beverages may also include sweeteners or flavourings which can add to the overall calorific content of the beverage.

Be Cautious of the Amount You Drink

It’s important to be aware of the calorific content of Bubble Tea, particularly if you’re watching your calorie intake. If you’d like to have Bubble Tea, try to be aware of how much you’re drinking and, if possible, opt for versions with less added sugar.


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