how many calories long island iced tea

how many calories long island iced tea

Long Island Iced Tea Calories

Are you a fan of Long Island Iced Tea? Do you know how many calories it contains? One of the most popular cocktails at bars around the world, Long Island Iced Tea can come with a high calorie count.

Calories in a Long Island Iced Tea

On average, a Long Island Iced Tea contains about:

  • 235 calories
  • 7g of fat
  • 32g of carbohydrates
  • 29g of sugars

However, the exact calorie and nutritional content of a Long Island Iced Tea can vary depending on how it is made. Some recipes include additional juices or liqueurs, while others are made using sweetened syrup. These extra ingredients can result in higher calorie and sugar content.

Healthy Swaps for Long Island Iced Tea

If you are looking to reduce the calorie content of your cocktails, there are some healthy swaps for Long Island Iced Tea.

  • Swap out sugary syrups for sugar free syrups.
  • Add low or no calorie juice or soda instead of traditional juice or soda.
  • Make your own mix with low calorie spirits such as vodka or gin rather than rum or whiskey.
  • Swap out sugary cordials for light or zero sugar versions.

These swaps can help you to enjoy a lower calorie version of your favorite cocktail – the Long Island Iced Tea.

In conclusion, while the classic Long Island Iced Tea can be high in calories and sugar, you don’t have to avoid it completely. By making simple swaps and changes to the recipe, you can still enjoy this classic drink without packing on the calories.


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