how many gallons of tea for 40 guests

how many gallons of tea for 40 guests

Calculating the Number of Gallons of Tea for 40 Guests

Planning for a special event or gathering of 40 guests can be a challenge—especially if you need to serve beverages like tea. With a bit of simple math, figuring out the amount of gallons of tea needed is easy.

Step 1: Establish the Number of 8 oz. Servings

Calculate the number of 8 oz. servings needed by dividing the number of guests by eight: 40 guests/ 8 = 5.

Step 2: Convert 8 oz. Servings to Gallons

You can convert 8 oz. servings to gallons of tea using a conversion rate of 8 oz. per cup; 8 cups = 1 gallon. Use this formula to calculate the number of gallons of tea needed: 5 (the number of 8 oz. servings) x 8 = 40 cups. Since 8 cups = 1 gallon, 40 cups/ 8 = 5 gallons.


  • Number of guests: 40
  • Number of 8 oz. servings: 5
  • Number of gallons of tea: 5

Therefore, if you are hosting a gathering of 40 guests and would like to serve tea, you will need 5 gallons of tea.


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