how many questions on the teas test

how many questions on the teas test

What is the TEAS Exam?

The TEAS exam, also known as the Test of Essential Academic Skills, is an aptitude test which assesses a student’s preparedness for college-level courses in Math, Science, Reading and English Language Arts. It’s a multiple-choice test, offered by the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), primarily used by nursing and other allied health schools to evaluate potential students.

How Many Questions are on the TEAS Test?

The TEAS exam contains 170 multiple-choice questions, which are divided into four sections:

  • Math: 58 questions
  • Science: 54 questions
  • Reading: 34 questions
  • English Language Arts: 24 questions

The test will also include 10 “experimental” questions that do not count toward your score. The questions are randomly dispersed throughout the test and will be indistinguishable from the scored questions.

Test Time and Score

The TEAS exam is a 3 hour and 45 minute test, and it consists of 40 questions for each of the four sections. A student’s score is based on the total number of correct answers, with no points deducted for incorrect answers.


The TEAS test is a crucial tool for students looking to enter a nursing or allied-health program, as it provides an objective assessment of the student’s readiness for college-level coursework. With a maximum of 170 multiple-choice questions broken down into four sections, the TEAS exam assesses both the capacity and competence of the prospective student.


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