how many twisted teas to get drunk

how many twisted teas to get drunk

How Many Twisted Teas to Get Drunk

If you are wondering how many Twisted Teas you need to get drunk, the answer depends on several factors. Among those factors are your body weight, the strength of the Twisted Tea and the amount of food you’ve eaten prior to drinking.

Body Weight

Different people with different body sizes can handle different amounts of alcohol. Generally speaking, the lower your body weight, the fewer Twisted Teas you need to drink to get drunk.

Strength of the Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea comes in different alcohol levels. The higher the level of alcohol, the fewer Twisted Teas you needed to consume to get drunk.


The more food in your stomach, the longer it will take to feel the effects of the alcohol. Eating a good meal prior to drinking can help prevent you from becoming intoxicated too quickly. Eating a heavy meal can slow down the absorption of any type of alcohol, not just Twisted Tea.

Drinking Responsibly

It isn’t advisable to try and calculate exactly how many Twisted Teas you need to drink in order to get drunk. The only surefire way to remain safe and responsible is to drink responsibly, take in food along with the alcohol and always have a designated driver.

Average Drinking Amounts

In general, the average person will achieve the following level of intoxication with the following amounts of Twisted Tea:

  • Buzzed – 1-2 Beers
  • Drunk – 3-5 Beers
  • Very Drunk – 6-7+ Beers

Remember, this is just an estimate and depending on your body size and how fast you drink you may feel the effects of drinking Twisted Tea faster or slower. The only way to ensure safety and proper behavior is to drink responsibly.


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