how much caffeine does tea have compared to coffee


Caffeine Content of Tea vs Coffee

Caffeine is found in many beverages, and is a well-known stimulant. Tea and Coffee are two of the most popular beverages people consume for their caffeine content. But how much caffeine do they have in comparison?


There are various types of tea available, each with a unique caffeine content. Here is an overview of the general caffeine amounts in tea:

    • Green tea: 35–70 mg per 8 oz (240 ml) cup


    • Black tea: 60–90 mg per 8 oz (240 ml) cup


    • Oolong tea: 37–55 mg per 8 oz (240 ml) cup


    • White tea: 15–30 mg per 8 oz (240 ml) cup


    • Matcha: 35–70 mg per 8 oz (240 ml) cup



Coffee is well known to be a high-caffeine drink. The caffeine content in regular coffee typically ranges from 95–200 mg per 8 oz (240 ml) cup. However, different types of coffee can contain different amounts of caffeine. Coffee brewed from darker roasts may contain a bit less caffeine than light roasts.


In summary, tea generally contains less caffeine than coffee, with some types having as low as 15 mg per 8 oz (240 ml) cup. Regular coffee, on the other hand, contains more caffeine than tea, ranging from 95–200 mg per 8 oz (240 ml) cup. It’s always best to be aware of the caffeine content of each beverage and consume it in moderation.


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