how much caffeine in arizona green tea

how much caffeine in arizona green tea

How Much Caffeine is in Arizona Green Tea?

Caffeine is an important part of life for many people, whether for a morning pick-me-up or an assist with studying. For those looking to consume caffeine in measured portions, some tea labels make it easy to understand the effects you’ll experience with each sip. So when it comes to Arizona green tea, how much caffeine are you getting?

Caffeine Content in Arizona Green Tea

The caffeine content in Arizona green tea depends of course on the size of the can. Generally speaking, the more ounces in your can, the more caffeine in your cup. But an 8 oz can of Arizona green tea will land you around 10 mg of caffeine. Compared to other types of teas, Arizona green tea has an average caffeine content.

Caffeine vs. Other Substances

Arizona green tea can be a particularly appealing choice for those looking to check off their daily servings of antioxidants. That’s because it contains a naturally occurring substance called EGCG, which can help combat off the negative effects of aging, inflammation, and cancer. It also has a lighter amount of tannic acid, also found in other forms of tea.

Other Considerations

Those looking for additional health benefits from their green tea may want to double-check the ingredients list. Some Arizona green tea brands contain added sugar, for example, which can boost the glycemic index and negate some of the health benefits from the tea. The amount of caffeine can vary from brand to brand too, depending on brewing methods and the type of tea leaves chosen for the Can.

In summary, the caffeine content in Arizona green tea usually lands around 10 mg per 8 oz can. It also boasts a healthy serving of antioxidants and a low amount of tannic acid. When selecting a brand, however, double-check the ingredients list for added sugar and consider how else the tea may affect your health.


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