how much caffeine in arizona tea

how much caffeine in arizona tea

Caffeine Content in Arizona Tea

The popular iced teas produced by Arizona Beverages contain varying amounts of caffeine. AriZona produce a variety of flavored products, so the amount of caffeine in each drink depends on the flavor.

Regular Arizona Iced Tea Flavors

These are the most common caffeine amounts you’ll find in regular Arizona Tea flavors:

  • Arizona Green Tea: 36mg
  • Arizona Lemon Tea: 36mg
  • AriZona Sweet Tea: 28mg

AriZona Diet Tea

This is a selection of the amount of caffeine you’ll find in diet flavors of AriZona Iced Tea:

  • Diet Green Tea: 36mg
  • Diet Peach Green Tea: 32mg
  • Diet Orange Decaf Tea: 12mg


While Arizona Tea beverages do not contain as much caffeine as coffee, some flavors do contain high amounts of caffeine, so it is important to pay attention to the type of tea you’re drinking before consuming it. The amounts of caffeine listed above are approximate and subject to change, so always check the label of the particular product you’re consuming.


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