how much caffeine in cup of green tea

how much caffeine in cup of green tea

How Much Caffeine Is In A Cup Of Green Tea?

Green tea is one of the most popular drinks around the world. It has a unique flavor, contains healthy ingredients, and packs a punch of caffeine. But how much exactly is in a cup of green tea? Let’s take a look.

Average Caffeine Amounts In Green Tea

The amount of caffeine in green tea varies widely depending on factors like the type of green tea and the brewing method. On average, a single cup of green tea can contain anywhere between 24–45mg of caffeine. Here’s a breakdown of the average amount of caffeine in each type of green tea:

  • Sencha: 30–50mg per cup.
  • Matcha: 70mg per cup.
  • Kukicha: 12–25mg per cup.
  • Gyokuro: 25–50mg per cup.
  • Hōjicha: 12–20mg per cup.

Caffeine Comparison

It’s important to note that green tea generally has much less caffeine than other caffeinated beverages such as coffee and energy drinks. A cup of regular brewed coffee has around 95–200mg of caffeine, while an 8oz can of Red Bull usually contains around 80mg of caffeine.

With its lower caffeine content and other essential nutrients, green tea gives you a healthier alternative to other caffeine-heavy drinks.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, depending on the type and brewing method. With its low caffeine content and other essential nutrients, it offers a much healthier alternative to other caffeinated beverages.


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