how much caffeine in starbucks green tea

how much caffeine in starbucks green tea

How Much Caffeine in Starbucks Green Tea?

Have you ever wondered how much caffeine is contained in Starbucks Green Tea? It is a much-debated topic amongst tea drinkers, since green tea typically contains far less caffeine than other types of tea. Below is an overview of the caffeine content in Starbucks Green Tea, as well as useful information to help you make the healthiest choice.

Caffeine Content in Starbucks Green Tea

According to Starbucks, the caffeine content in their green tea varies depending on the size of the drink. For example:

  • Tall: 45mg of caffeine
  • Grande: 60mg of caffeine
  • Venti: 75mg of caffeine

Comparison to Other Types of Tea

In comparison to other types of tea, Starbucks Green Tea contains much less caffeine. For example, black tea typically contains 80-90mg of caffeine in a Grande-sized drink, while chai tea contains about 58-75mg of caffeine for the same size.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

In addition to its low caffeine content, Green Tea also offers plenty of health benefits. Here are some of the main ones:

  • High in antioxidants
  • May help reduce risk of certain cancers
  • Good source of vitamins and minerals
  • May help reduce risk of heart disease
  • Can help improve mental alertness and focus

Bottom Line

Starbucks Green Tea contains a modest amount of caffeine compared to other types of tea, ranging from 45 to 75mg per drink depending on the size. This makes it a great choice for those seeking the health benefits of green tea without the potentially adverse side effects of excess caffeine.


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