how much caffeine is in a chai tea

how much caffeine is in a chai tea

How much caffeine is in a chai tea?

Chai tea is a popular drink enjoyed all around the world. Depending on the variety of chai tea and how it’s made, the caffeine content can vary. Generally, a cup of brewed chai tea will have between 40 to 60 mg of caffeine, however, the exact amount depends on the brewing method and ingredients used.

Factors that influence the caffeine content in chai tea

  • Brewing Time: Longer brewing times result in a stronger, more caffeinated brew.
  • Tea: Some types of tea naturally contain more caffeine than others, with black tea, including Assam and Darjeeling, containing more than green tea.
  • Type of Chai Tea: Mixing a caffeinated tea with herbal blends and spices may result in lower caffeine content as the other ingredients tend to dilute the caffeine, compared to regular tea.
  • Brew Strength: The strength of various chai teas can vary depending on the amount of tea leaves and spices used and how much water is added.

Caffeine-free chai tea

If you want to enjoy chai tea without the added caffeine, there are a few ways to do this. People looking to reduce their caffeine intake can opt for decaffeinated versions of Assam or Darjeeling teas. Additionally, adding herbal ingredients such as lavender, tulsi or rooibos tea to chai blends can reduce the caffeine content significantly. All of these options come free of any artificial caffeine.

Whether you’re looking for an energizing boost or a calming and relaxing drink, chai tea has you covered. Knowing the caffeine content of the various types of chai teas can help you select the right type for you. You can also add ingredients like herbs and spices to your chai to adjust the flavor to your own personal preference.


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