how much caffeine is in earl grey tea

how much caffeine is in earl grey tea

How Much Caffeine is in Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is a popular tea made from a blend of black tea and bergamot oil, and it’s been enjoyed for centuries. There’s one burning question on all of our minds: how much caffeine is in a cup of Earl Grey tea?

Caffeine Content in Earl Grey Tea

The amount of caffeine in Earl Grey tea can vary depending on the steep time, the type of tea used in the blend, and the size of the tea leaves. Generally, Earl Grey tea contains:

  • Regular Earl Grey: 40-60 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup.
  • Decaffeinated Earl Grey: Trace amounts of caffeine.

These amounts of caffeine are considered moderate, and the average cup of coffee contains 95-200 mg of caffeine.

How to Control Caffeine Levels

If you want to control the amount of caffeine you’re consuming when drinking Earl Grey tea, there are a few things you can do. First, choose decaffeinated Earl Grey tea if your goal is to reduce caffeine intake. While it won’t be completely caffeine free, it will be much lower than regular Earl Grey.

You can also control the caffeine content by altering the steep time. Start with a shorter steep time for the tea, about 1-3 minutes, and then adjust it to meet your personal caffeine preferences. The shorter steep time will result in a weaker cup of tea with less caffeine, while a longer steep time will produce a stronger cup of tea with higher caffeine levels.


Earl Grey tea is a popular and flavorful blend of black tea and bergamot oil. The amount of caffeine in the tea can vary, but generally speaking, you will get 40-60 mg of caffeine in each 8 oz cup of regular Earl Grey. If you want to reduce your caffeine intake, try switching to decaffeinated Earl Grey or shorten the steep time.


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