how much caffeine is in ice tea

how much caffeine is in ice tea

How Much Caffeine is in Ice Tea?

Ice tea is a popular, refreshing beverage, but there is one question that many people ask- how much caffeine is in it? The amount of caffeine varies depending on whether the ice tea is a classic, unflavoured type or an ‘energy drink’ style that contains added ingredients.

Unflavoured Ice Tea

Unflavoured, classic ice tea is the perfect, low-calorie way to relax in the summer heat and stay refreshed, with a moderate caffeine content.

  • Brewed Ice Tea: Most common brewed ice teas contain approximately 14mg of caffeine per 8-ounce (237ml) serving.
  • Iced-Tea Powder: Iced-tea powders typically contain more caffeine than their brewed counterpart, with a caffeine content of between 25-50mg per 8-ounce (237ml) serving.
  • Tea Bags: Tea bags generally contain less caffeine per serving – around 8-10mg per 8-ounce (237ml) serving.

Flavoured Ice Teas

If you’re looking for a caffeine kick, then flavoured ice teas can provide the perfect solution. As the flavouring ingredients are added after the initial brewing process, they can contain higher levels of caffeine.

  • Brewed Iced-Tea with Added Ingredients: Generally, brewed iced-teas that have had flavouring or ‘energy’ ingredients added contain between 50-100mg of caffeine per 8-ounce (237ml) serving.
  • Brewed Iced-Tea and Soft Drinks Mixes: Mixing brewed iced-tea with soft drinks or juices increases the caffeine content even more – up to 180mg per 8-ounce (237ml) serving.

It’s important to remember that the black tea used to make iced-tea contains varying levels of caffeine, which means the actual caffeine content of any ice tea beverage can vary. Therefore, it’s important to check the label to know exactly what you’re drinking.


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