how much caffeine is in milk tea

how much caffeine is in milk tea

Caffeine content in Milk Tea

Many people enjoy a cup of Milk Tea. But how much caffeine is in Milk Tea? It varies depending on the type, brewing time and brewing method.


Milk Tea can be brewed in many different ways, including traditional, bubble and black tea. The caffeine content in each will vary:

  • Traditional Milk Tea – On average, traditional Milk Tea contains 15-30mg of caffeine per 8oz.
  • Bubble Milk Tea – Bubble Milk Tea typically contains less caffeine than traditional, usually around 8-15mg per 8 oz.
  • Black Milk Tea – Black Milk Tea has the highest caffeine content of the three, containing anywhere from 30-50mg per 8 oz.

Brewing Time and Brewing Method

Brewing time and method are also factors that determine the amount of caffeine in Milk Tea.

  • Brewing Time – The longer you steep Milk Tea, the more caffeine it has. For example, if you brew Milk Tea for 5 minutes, it will have more caffeine than if you brew it for only 2 minutes.
  • Brewing Method – Using a French press can extract more caffeine out of the tea leaves. If you use a steep method such as using an infuser or a teabag, then you will have less caffeine in your Milk Tea.

So, when it comes to Milk Tea, the amount of caffeine will vary depending on the type, brewing time, and brewing method. It’s best to experiment and find a Milk Tea that’s right for you.


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