how much caffeine is in tea

how much caffeine is in tea

How much caffeine is in tea?

Tea is a popular beverage world wide and is loved for its many health benefits. However, many people may be unaware of how much caffeine is in tea. The amount of caffeine in tea varies and depends on many factors such as type of tea and steep time.

Types of Tea

Generally, the types of tea vary greatly in their caffeine content:

  • Black Tea – Typically has the most caffeine among the tea varieties, usually containing 14-70 mg per cup.
  • Green Tea – Contains less caffeine than black tea and contains 9-50 mg per cup.
  • White Tea – Contains the least amount of caffeine, usually containing 3-25 mg per cup.
  • Oolong Tea – Contains 12-55 mg per cup.
  • Herbal Tea – It does not contain any caffeine as it is made from herbs.

Steep Time

The amount of caffeine in tea also depends on how long it is steeped in boiling water. Foods that are steeped longer in boiling water release more caffeine. For example, black tea contains the most caffeine, but if it is steeped for only a very short time period, it can contain as little as 14 mg per cup. Steeping tea for 3-5 minutes usually yields the optimal amount of caffeine per cup.


The amount of caffeine in tea can vary greatly depending on the type of tea and how long it is steeped. Black tea typically contains the highest amount of caffeine and white tea typically contains the least of caffeine. Herbal teas typically don’t contain any caffeine at all. To ensure you get the most out of your tea and get the desired amount of caffeine, be sure to steep your tea for the recommended amount of time.


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