how much caffiene in tea

how much caffiene in tea

How much caffeine is in tea?

This is a question that often comes up for tea-lovers who don’t want the potentially-unwanted effects of too much caffeine. Knowing how much caffeine is in your favorite cup of tea can help you decide which kind of tea to select.

Which teas contain the least caffeine?

The teas that generally contain the least amount of caffeine are:

  • White tea – the average cup of white tea contains anywhere from 5mg to 40mg of caffeine
  • Green tea – while green tea contains more caffeine than white tea, the range of caffeine in green tea goes from 15mg to 40mg per cup
  • Oolong tea – oolong tea contains anywhere from 12mg to 55mg of caffeine per cup

Which teas contain the most caffeine?

The teas that contain the most amount of caffeine are:

  • Black tea – black tea is the most commonly consumed type of tea and contains between 20mg to 90mg of caffeine per cup
  • Yerba Mate – yerba mate is an herbal tea that contains between 65mg to 130mg of caffeine per cup
  • Matcha – matcha is a type of green tea powder and a single cup of matcha may contain up to 70mg of caffeine

It is important to note that the amount of caffeine in tea can vary depending on the type of tea, the brewing time, and the amount of tea leaves used. As a general rule, the darker the tea, the more caffeine it contains.

So, the next time you want to relax with a cup of tea, make sure you check the caffeine content to ensure that it doesn’t contain too much caffeine for your liking.


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